Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ok I know I haven't updated in a while I just have been a little busy. I have managed to get a little bit of crocheting done. I am helping a friend of mine make a blanket for her son. I have also become addicted to making dishcloths. I have posted some pics of the two that I made. I also made a headband so I could keep my bangs out of my face.


sissie said...

I love the headband!! so pretty,

great job


KimO said...

Oh Windy, now you know you are going to have to make Mimi one of those headbands. You know how she loves wearing things (excuse me...ACCESSORIZING)with her head. She's weird I know. But this will be better than the wash woman look she had on the other day.

Aurora said...

I love the headband......I love the pictures!!

Shaylen said...

I love the headband Kim...Mimi cannot have them all.

Chars said...

We have to have the same pattern book - I just made these EXACT 2 dishcloths :) I will be uploading pics of them to my blog later today.

Dishcloths are so cute and easy to make - I LOVE THEM!